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My ex is refusing to pay court-ordered support. What can I do?

When a divorce is finalized, a divorce decree outlines essential information about the court’s decision. A divorce decree is an enforceable order by the court that both parties are legally mandated to follow. Items outlined can include payment of child support or spousal support, a transfer of property, or specific visitation schedules. Unfortunately, too often,

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Protecting an inheritance in the event of a divorce

If you receive an inheritance during marriage and later get divorced, does your spouse get to share in it? The answer varies depending on the circumstances. As a recent New Jersey case tells us, a key factor is how you treated the inheritance when you received it. In that case, a married woman received an

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Contemplating Your Estate Plan During Covid-19

Get Your Affairs in Order For most of us, coronavirus and the threat it poses has made us contemplate the status of our estate plans. As thousands of people in the Commonwealth have died of COVID-19 and its complications, many thousands more are ill, and many, many thousands more face unemployment and financial hardship. There

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Temporarily delegating your parental authority

Imagine you’re headed off with your spouse for a weeklong vacation in Europe or the Caribbean. You can’t even remember the last time you and your spouse had some adult time away from the kids, and you’ve never left them for this long before. You know they’re in good hands with your good friends. Even

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Modification of Child Support due to job loss and COVID-19

Times Are Tough The spread of COVID-19 has thrown the certainties of life into disarray. Unfortunately, this uncertainty has had a devastating impact on both the stock market and the everyday commerce that sustains the economy. Freelancers, drivers, hotel and restaurant workers now find themselves physically or legally barred from working. Not only service workers

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