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We will protect your rights and interests in your divorce

At the end of divorce proceedings, you will be embarking on a new path in life. At Porcello Law Offices, it is our goal to steer you in the right direction to ensure your new path provides you with the opportunity to move forward. We explore various issues of the divorce and talk with you about each one. Whether you are concerned about property division, child custody, child support, spousal support, alimony or all of these issues, we will protect your rights and interests. In every divorce, we tailor our approach to our clients, and are devoted to our clients.

Many clients come to us overwhelmed by the stress, anger and confusion that divorce can bring. Even for couples who do not have children, divorce can be a painful event that changes their life dramatically. We are here to guide you through this process to reach a solution that is in your best interests.

Are you interested in a quick divorce without drama?

If you and the other party are in agreement on an uncontested divorce, our attorneys will ensure the paperwork is filed correctly and your agreement contains all necessary provisions. Even if you don’t agree with your spouse about one or more aspects of your divorce, it does not mean that your divorce has to be contentious and drawn-out. We can help with a quick divorce without drama.

We take a family-centered approach to divorce, working closely with you to understand your situation and address all of the issues involved in your divorce, including:

We  assist clients who are leaving long-term marriages and represent nontraditional families in a wide range of family law issues. In addition, we represent clients in the years following a divorce, helping them modify their child support order or terminate alimony as necessary. We also handle challenging situations when one parent wants to move and relocate with the children.

During your initial consultation, we will get to know you and explain your options. Serving clients in all walks of life, we understand how to work with divorcing parents of small children, individuals going through same-sex divorces, as well as clients striving to end traditional marriages. Whatever your situation, we can represent your interests and help you through your divorce.

Our dedicated legal team has the resources and capacity to take on even the most challenging high net worth divorce cases. Massachusetts is an equitable distribution state. Property and assets are divided according to what is fair. When significant assets, business holdings, real estate property, retirement accounts and other valuable property are being divided, you can trust that Porcello Law Offices will be on your side, fighting for what is fair.

Thinking about divorce?

If you have questions about divorce or need to learn how to begin the process, schedule an appointment with our attorneys. Your family matter is important to us. We will be by your side and we will work on your behalf to protect your rights and interests throughout the entire process.

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