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Dissolving A Long-Term Marriage

Dissolution of a Long Term Marriage

After a long-term marriage, many people are unsure what lies ahead. Fear of the unknown and a complicated legal system can be overwhelming.

At Porcello Law Offices, we can help. Our attorneys work closely with clients to understand their individual goals. Together, we develop a legal strategy that resolves today’s dispute and puts our clients on the path to a better and brighter future.

A Gray Divorce

During a divorce, one life becomes two. Individuals must divide their finances, split their assets and restructure their family relationships. For those ending a long-term marriage, the process can be complicated.

If you have been married for many years and are now divorcing, it is even more important that you work with experienced attorneys who always have your best interests in mind.

During a long-term marriage, many assets are accumulated — retirement accounts, stock portfolios, real estate and other investments, as well as homes, cars and household goods. People who are married for long periods may also have children who depend on them for emotional and financial support.

Our attorneys are highly skilled and experienced. We understand the unique challenges individuals face when leaving long-term marriages. We develop strategies that take into consideration each client’s unique legal, financial and personal situation, including:

  • Their accustomed lifestyle
  • Education, work history and current ability to earn a living
  • Health issues
  • Retirement prospects
  • Assets and income
  • inheritances and potential inheritances

We then work hard to get our clients the resources they need to leave their marriages and move forward with their lives. Common components of a long-term divorce settlement include:

Leaving A Long-Term Marriage

If you’ve been married for thirty, forty, fifty years and now considering divorce, call our office and speak with us. We can help you understand the process and implications of a long-term marriage divorce.

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