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Can my 14-year-old decide to live with my ex?

As a divorcing parent battling over custody, there is always the fear that your child will decide they would rather live with the other parent. Even once custody has been determined, parents worry as children get older, they will want to move in with the other parent. Rest assured that minor children can’t make legal

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Get a Grip on Legal Jargon: Divorce Terms Explained

When facing divorce, you may find yourself overwhelmed with the legal jargon used throughout the process. Add this frustration to the mounting stress and heightened emotion, and you may be left making poor decisions. While our firm is here to help guide you through the process and answer any questions you have, this guide can

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Passage of time not ‘changed circumstance’ for child support

Divorce agreements between couples with young children often include language that “extraordinary expenses” will be shared at the relevant time based on the parties’ relative financial circumstances. A recent New Jersey case, however, underscores how important it is to incorporate periodic review of the parents’ respective financial circumstances and full financial disclosures into the agreement.

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Divorcing wife can’t be ordered to take higher paying job

Few things cause more resentment after a marriage than paying alimony to an ex-spouse who is under-employed and could be making significantly more money if he or she wanted to. This is why it’s common for courts to attribute income to a spouse that he or she potentially could be earning while reducing the payor

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‘Deathbed marriages’ are vulnerable to challenges

“Deathbed marriages” between couples where a suitor (often a much younger one) marries someone with a short life expectancy due to age or terminal illness are usually looked upon with suspicion. However, not every deathbed marriage is an insidious case of an opportunistic con artist trying to get his or her clutches into an elderly

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