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High Net Worth Divorce

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Lawyers Experienced with High Net Worth Divorce

Protecting assets and wealth in complex property division cases

When a couple amasses significant assets and wealth — or when one party comes to the marriage with significant assets and wealth — the matter of dividing property and assets during divorce proceedings can be quite complex. Our attorneys have the resources, knowledge and ability to handle highly complex property divisions involving high net worth clients.

We frequently represent people who are not “typical W-2 employees,” including self-employed individuals. We also represent other attorneys, medical professionals, real estate professionals, business owners, real estate investors, developers and other high net worth individuals, as well as people married to these types of individuals.

Financial and Tax Implications

We bring our clients from the beginning to the end of the divorce and property division process. Whenever appropriate, we bring in experts such as counselors, realtors, bankers, accountants and business valuation experts to provide a clear determination of the key components of the divorce and assist with asset protection.

Additionally, we carefully consider the tax consequences of property division. While this is not an all-inclusive list, we can assist with your high net worth needs, which may include identifying, valuing and dividing the following:

Property in Massachusetts undergoes an equitable distribution. While this is not a 50-50 split, it is aimed at being a “fair” division.

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We are experienced in high net worth divorce cases and will represent your interests every step and in every phase of the divorce process.  We will ensure that property division and all other matters of your divorce are handled in a fair manner. Call to speak with us and learn how we can help you.

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