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Out of State Child Support Modification

Child Support and Out-of-State Issues Whether one parent is living just over the Massachusetts border in New Hampshire but still commutes to Boston every day, or whether the one parent is living on the West Coast while the children live with the other on the South Shore, issues of state jurisdiction may come into play

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Divorce When Only One Partner Lives in Massachusetts

Many married couples live separately, even across state lines, for reasons which have nothing to do with the health of their marriage. However, when living across state lines from each other, couples may find their marriage at a crossroads and begin considering divorce. Perhaps distance has created serious problem in the relationship or laid bare

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Client Case – 10 Year Marriage Divorce

The attorneys at Porcello Law represented Husband in a 10-year marriage divorce in Essex Probate and Family Court.  The Parties had three young children, all elementary school age. Husband had significant pre-marital assets, which included several pieces of real estate, that he was looking to carve away from the martial estate.  There was no pre-nup. 

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Client Case – Complaint to Establish Paternity

Our attorney represented Father in a Complaint to Establish Paternity.  Father had been living in a different country for much of the child’s life, due to immigration issues, but had maintained a close relationship with his child, though his family, all of whom lived in the United States.  When Father was finally able to come

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Divorcing in Massachusetts: Initiating the Process

The Basics When beginning the divorce process in Massachusetts, it is important to answer two key questions. First, is the divorce contested or uncontested? Second, is the divorce at-fault or no-fault? In answering these questions, couples can gain a better understanding of what awaits them in the legal system as they begin this difficult process.

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