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Setting the course for success through an uncontested divorce

It can be hard to choose between staying in an unhappy marriage and getting a divorce. Both can be daunting. An uncontested divorce, however, offers a clear path for couples who agree on most major issues. For those couples, the process can be very quick, although we can’t guarantee it will be painless.

What is an uncontested divorce

An uncontested divorce occurs when both couples agree to divorce, and agree to terms regarding property, assets, child custody and child/spousal support.

Experience tells us that the most successful uncontested divorces follow these steps:

Steps to a successful uncontested divorce:

  • CommunicateAlthough communication may not be one of your strengths, it’s important to make sure you’re both on the same page about getting divorced.
  • Set a path forwardOnce you agree to divorce, set the tone that you want this next phase to be as painless as possible for everyone involved. Divorce happens, and just because divorcing couples are stereotyped as mudslingers doesn’t mean you need to follow suit.
  • Select an attorneyDo your research on best attorneys and make a decision that suits your family’s best interests. Price is often a concern, but working with an attorney who will guide you down a peaceful path could save you significant litigation costs.
  • Prepare documentationYour attorney will ask you to prepare additional information to summarize your full assets. Be sure to do this in a timely fashion to keep the momentum and good-will going.
  • Be present and informedLike buying a house, the documents and forms can all begin to blend together. Add to that significant emotional exhaustion, it’s easy to want to phone it in. Don’t. What you sign and agree to is binding. Having something in your divorce decree reversed will cost you time, money and energy. Some aspects may not be reversible.

The divorce process’s bad reputation doesn’t have to become your reputation. Couples who enter into uncontested divorces have a great opportunity to inspire their children to seek mutually beneficial resolutions in their lives and work to protect their happiness. Although it’s not the outcome you wanted when you said, “I do”, you can still do what’s best for each other and your family.

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