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Client Case – Complaint to Establish Paternity

Our attorney represented Father in a Complaint to Establish Paternity.  Father had been living in a different country for much of the child’s life, due to immigration issues, but had maintained a close relationship with his child, though his family, all of whom lived in the United States.  When Father was finally able to come back to the United States, the Parties dated for a while, but when their relationship ended, Mother abruptly cut him off from seeing their child.  Upon being retained, our attorney marked the matter for a hearing on a motion for temporary orders and we were able to obtain joint legal custody of the child for Father and a parenting plan that provided him with both week day and weekend overnight parenting time.  The matter ultimately resolved in full at the Pre-Trial Conference with the Parties sharing joint legal and joint physical custody, and which provided a detailed holiday parenting plan for the Parties to following going forward.

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