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Client Case – Complaint for Custody-Support-Parenting Time

Our lawyers represented Mother in a Complaint for Custody-Support-Parenting Time in Essex Probate and Family Court in Salem, Massachusetts.  The Parties had been in a very long-term relationship, where they lived together with their child on and off.  The child was 3 years old.  The issue in the case was that Father had drug and alcohol addiction issues that Mother was concerned about.  After several court appearances, drug testing was ordered.  After drug testing, it was confirmed that Father was still using illegal substances.  As a result, we were able to obtain an order that provided regular drug screening of Father and ordered him to have supervised parenting time with the child until he had a significant history of clean drug screens to ensure the safety of the child when in his care.  These orders provided Mother with the security she needed to feel her child was safe when in Father’s care.

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