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Estate Planning Checklist For Divorce

Divorce can be challenging. Even if both parties are on board, divorce is a significant life shift, and with that comes stress, uncertainty, and change. As your needs, priorities, and goals take on a new course, one thing you don’t want to overlook is your estate plan. Estate plans typically contain important documents regarding your

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How, When, and Why to Establish Paternity for the Child of Unmarried Parents

While marriage gives certain rights and benefits to a couple and their children—favorable tax filing status, hospital visitation rights, and more—the children of unmarried parents are not without legal protection and benefits. Regardless of parents’ marital status, children are entitled to both parents’ financial support. Establishing the paternity of a child born to unmarried parents

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How Massachusetts Courts Determine Parental Unfitness

When it comes to any child custody case, the most significant factor a court must consider is the child’s best interest. Parental fitness—the ability to care for a child and provide a safe and secure home environment—significantly impacts which parent can be awarded child custody. Massachusetts family courts operate under the assumption that it is

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