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What are the residency requirements for getting a divorce?

If you and your spouse were married in Massachusetts, never moved out of state and now want a divorce, it is pretty obvious that you should file for divorce in Massachusetts. However, this is not the case for many people. Instead, life is unpredictable, and people relocate between states all the time. How, then, do

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How much does a divorce cost in Massachusetts?

Some people spend astronomical amounts on their wedding, but if the marriage falls apart, getting a divorce could cost even more. Between court fees, attorney fees and outside consultations, you could end up spending quite a lot on your divorce. How much does a divorce really cost? Are there ways to save money? What is

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Determining alimony during divorce proceedings

You and your spouse choose to divorce, and you did not make the decision lightly. Because you stayed at home and raised your children, you stopped working years ago and do not currently hold a job. You may worry significantly about how you will sustain yourself, as you and your spouse shared their income for

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Preparing for your divorce agreement

If you are considering divorce, it’s important to understand the issues that a divorce settles and which agreements you can make to absolve them. Read on to learn more about what to include in your divorce agreement and the difference between a merged agreement and survived agreement. Issues covered in a divorce agreement You can file divorce

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Setting the course for success through an uncontested divorce

It can be hard to choose between staying in an unhappy marriage and getting a divorce. Both can be daunting. An uncontested divorce, however, offers a clear path for couples who agree on most major issues. For those couples, the process can be very quick, although we can’t guarantee it will be painless. What is

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