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Help! The Holidays are coming, but I’m in the middle of a divorce!

Creating picture-perfect holiday family memories is no doubt stressful. But what happens when your picture-perfect family has split apart? While this time of year is already met with immense anxiety, the added pressures of going through a divorce can be downright excruciating. We get it. The holidays may indeed look a little different for those

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What happens to a business in a divorce?

When a marriage ends, the divorcing couple must decide how to divide the marital assets. Unless otherwise outlined in a pre-or post-nuptial agreement, all assets acquired during the marriage are considered marital assets under Massachusetts divorce law. This includes money as well as personal property, stocks, real estate, debt, and business interests. The division of

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Do I have custody rights as a non-biological parent?

A non-biological, non-adoptive parent who has acted in a parental role may be considered a de facto parent. As defined by the Massachusetts courts, a de facto parent is “one who has no biological relation to the child but has participated in the child’s life as a member of the child’s family. The de facto

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New Child Support Guidelines Issued

Changes to Massachusetts Child Support Guidelines Coming in October  New guidelines will make substantial alterations to how Massachusetts courts calculate how much child support is owed, effective in October. After a decade of steadily decreasing child support requirements in Massachusetts, it seems that pressure by public advocacy groups has reversed this trend. The new guidelines,

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Can my 14-year-old decide to live with my ex?

As a divorcing parent battling over custody, there is always the fear that your child will decide they would rather live with the other parent. Even once custody has been determined, parents worry as children get older, they will want to move in with the other parent. Rest assured that minor children can’t make legal

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