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Child Support Modifications

As Your Life Changes, We Can Help Change Your Child Support Order

As children grow and families evolve, existing child support orders may no longer accurately represent each parent’s financial situation or child custody and visitation arrangements. At Porcello Law Offices, we help our clients modify their child support orders so they reflect the living, working and financial realities of their current lives.

From our offices in Salem and Gloucester, our attorneys provide effective, practical solutions to our clients’ family law challenges.

Modifying Child Support Payments

Life doesn’t stop after a divorce is finalized and child support obligations determined. Changes in income, relocation, custody and visitation can all have an effect on each parent’s child support rights and obligations.

Child support is typically determined by a formula based on the amount of time children spend with each parent and the amount of income each parent earns. When one of these factors changes, child support obligations may need to be adjusted.

Changes commonly viewed as grounds to lower child support payments:

  • A demotion or reduction in wages
  • A layoff, termination or inability to find a job that offers comparable wages
  • Increased parenting time by the parent paying support
  • A change in primary custody

Changes commonly viewed as grounds to raise child support payments:

  • A significant increase in income for one parent
  • An increase in child care expenses or needs
  • A change in circumstances resulting in a significant disparity in income between the parent paying support and the parent receiving support
  • Increased parenting time by the recipient parent
  • A change in primary custody

Providing Effective, Reliable Legal Representation

Our lawyers represent both mothers and fathers during child modification actions. Because we have worked from both men and women, we know the arguments the other side will raise and how to build strong legal strategies that protect our clients’ financial interests and the interests of their children.

To learn more about child support modifications and for a initial case evaluation, please call our office.

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