Ensuring A Fair Valuation Of A Business In Divorce

One of the most complicated parts of the divorce process is property division. Every item must be identified, classified as marital or separate and valued. When family-owned companies, professional practices and other business interests are involved, the valuation process can quickly become complex.

At Porcello Law Offices, our attorneys are highly skilled and sophisticated property division professionals. We have extensive experience handling divorces involving substantial assets. We work closely with our clients to analyze the value of their businesses and create property division plans that protect their current and future financial health.

Located in Salem and Gloucester, the Porcello Law Offices have been providing trusted, effective legal representation using their combined experience of more than 50 years.

Fair, Accurate Business Valuations

When determining the value of a business or professional practice, both the current value and future earning potential of the business must be determined. At Porcello Law Offices, we consult with a wide network of financial experts, business valuation professionals and real estate appraisers to accurately value our clients' and their spouses' businesses.

Whether you want to buy out your spouse's share of the business, liquidate the business and split the proceeds or maintain control of the business after your divorce, we can help.

Based on the items in the marital estate, the value of the business and our clients' goals, we work toward property division plans that ensure that our clients get a fair share of marital assets.

At Porcello Law Offices, We Will Fight For You

At Porcello Law Offices, we aren't afraid to stand up for our clients' rights. Our attorneys are highly skilled litigators with a long track record of success. Every move we make is with our clients' interests in mind.

Our goal is to resolve your divorce as efficiently as possible. However, if negotiations do not result in property divisions that adequately protect your rights, we will go to trial.

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